OK…so we did it. It’s happening. Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers…our first album. It’s a thing, it’s happening now. It’s available for pre-order in both clean and explicit versions and it will ship in the beginning of May (hopefully end of April, but I’m padding the estimates.) Every pre-order will be signed…so you’ve got two weeks!

The clean version, btw, doesn’t just have bleeped lyrics, it’s entirely kid friendly. Example, the line “Put a light bulb up in my ass” in “I’d Rather” is changed to “Swallow an entire live bass.”

14 tracks, some songs you’ve heard, some you haven’t. It’s a six panel digipack with a 12 page booklet…all the lyrics included. 

I cobbled The Perfect Strangers together by asking some of my most talented friends if they would be in my band. It was a crap shoot, but Andrew Huang, Joe DeGeorge, and Rob Scallon all signed on and lent their amazing talents to this project. We will be playing our very first live show at VidCon, and then we’ll be going on a short tour…with some AMAZING guests…but if you’re not in the western US you will, unfortunately, be out of luck for that particular tour. 

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. THERE’S AN ALBUM! I LOVE IT! If you buy it now it will be signed!  CLEAN and EXPLICIT 


My posters are now available for pre-order!

Check ‘em out.
Looking For Alaska
An Abundance of Katherines
Paper Towns
The Fault in our Stars

And if you buy them all, you get $8 off in the checkout :)

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Limited Edition TFiOS Preparedness Kit
This pack includes:
Drawstring backpackExclusive tissue packExclusive sunglassesCandy cigarettes (one pack- random design)Lapel pin (metal, butterfly clutch clasp)3 exclusive postcards3 exclusive stickers
Get ready for TFiOS!

Limited Edition TFiOS Preparedness Kit

This pack includes:

Drawstring backpack
Exclusive tissue pack
Exclusive sunglasses
Candy cigarettes (one pack- random design)
Lapel pin (metal, butterfly clutch clasp)
3 exclusive postcards
3 exclusive stickers

Get ready for TFiOS!

Check out these beautiful new posters! Designed by nerdfighter Rion, you can purchase all four and make a lovely landscape across your wall.

As a special bonus, when you buy all four posters in the same order, you’ll receive an $8 discount!


Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce some new merchandise products I’ll be releasing on DFTBA! These are part of my new inclusive design philosophy - learn all about it in my new announcement video. I hope you guys believe in this collection as much as I do, and thank you for all your support over the years!

What started out as an April Fools joke is now a real thing that you can really buy! Check out Karen’s “Comic Sans” shirt, which will only be available for ONE WEEK before it is GONE FOREVER!



Guys guys guys!!! I am so excited to share that 3 of my TFiOS designs are now available at the Official The Fault In Our Stars Store on DFTBA Records! Aaaaahhhh this feels so surreal! Thank you so much Kristen, John and everyone else at DFTBA for making this possible! *fangirling*

Here are the direct links for each design:

My Thoughts Are Stars T-shirt: 


Wish Granting Factory Poster: 


Hazel and Augustus iPhone 5 Hard Case: 


Hazel and Augustus iPhone 4 Hard Case: 



This new iPhone case, designed by nerdfighter Leigh, is now available for pre-order!

Available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S.

Check out all of the available TFiOS related merch here!

Poster available on DFTBA.com [x]