Today DFTBA is very excited to announce the pre-order for Alex Day’s new album Epigrams and Interludes. This new 20-track album will start shipping worldwide on March 17th. This is Alex’s first full-length album in three years.

In addition to the album pre-order, you can also pre-order a new related t-shirt and wristband. When you bundle all of these items in your cart with the new CD, you get a $5 bundle discount! Also, available separately, is a new poster featuring the back cover art from Epigrams and Interludes.

Of course, each of the above items are also available separately and will all begin shipping on March 17th.

On release day, you will receive a digital download of the entire album so you won’t have to wait to hear the new music.

Here is the tracklist for Epigrams and Interludes, featuring a few of Alex’s recent digital singles, along with a number of brand new songs:

01. Forever Yours
02. Here Comes Trouble
03. Stupid Stupid
04. The Time Of Your Life
05. Across The Sea (feat. Tom Milsom)
06. Bread
07. Don’t Let The World Turn Past Me
08. Poison (starring Carrie Hope Fletcher)
09. Lady Godiva
10. Under The Sea (feat. Bryarly Bishop)
11. Jack and Coke
12. She Walks Right Through Me
13. Wish For Is You
14. This Kiss (feat. Carrie Hope Fletcher)
15. Oh No! I’m In Love :(
16. Holding On
17. Losing A Future
18. Good Morning Sunshine
19. Wannabe A Star
20. I’ve Got What It Takes

I’ve been listening to this album a lot over the last couple of weeks and it’s a keeper, guys. Pre-order here. Again, shipping worldwide on March 17th.

- Alan

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